Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKAYA presents its sustainable demi-couture line ‘Artisanal’ – an ode to tradition as something perpetual, modern, and timeless all at once – a bridge between the past and the future. Every piece in this collection has once been a garment that was destined to be thrown away – but for LITKOVSKAYA every object is worth being transformed and having new life breathed into it. As life itself is put together from thousands of incredible moments, the Artisanal collection by LITKOVSKAYA combines the multiplicity of elements – textile scraps, leftover fabrics and upcycled garments from archive collections.

All items from the collection are handcrafted and produced by local Ukrainian female artisans: the brand found skilled craftswomen from rural areas who were eager to share traditional techniques and give them a modern take. For instance, creating «The Shirts» jacket takes around 37 hours of handiwork and requires 50 shirts. Old shirts are torn into pieces and put back together by a craftswoman from the village Chernaya, situated in the Ukrainian region of Podillia.

The pillar of ARTISANAL is traditional Ukrainian “dorizhka” carpets turned into haute couture outfits - artsy, bold, modern, but filled with timeless energy. For them, garments and fabrics are dissolved into threads which are then rolled into yarn balls and weaved into a new fabric - “dorizhka” - on 80-year old wooden looms. Skilled craftswomen from the Carpathian mountains use the same technique as their ancestors centuries ago and this way every garment is one-of-a-kind, with a unique combination of colors and textures.

For LITKOVSKAYA, nothing is new or old – all we have around us is an endless circle of life, the wheel of Samsara, which constantly, eternally, shuffles energies and ideas. This philosophy is manifested in the ARTISANAL line: after a garment is no longer needed in its current form, there is no need to throw it away – by deconstructing it into threads and scraps and then putting it back together again in a new form, designer Lilia Litkovskaya gives it the chance to have a new life. For Lilia, this is a sustainable way to emphasize eternity, to catch the moment when something is transformed into a new iteration. Sticking to the principles of sustainability and slow fashion, LITKOVSKAYA keeps this line seasonless: it will consist of several items always available for custom orders, while each season a couple of new designs will be added to the line.