is a minimalistic
womenswear brand

We are standing away from the everyday fashion process. We believe in duality of human nature. Our clothes go beyond the patterns. Contradictory ideas merge to form a single plot. The result is always visually laconic, simple, but dual.


Deconstruction of meanings and contexts. New and special instead of the generally accepted. Reality without beginning and end, without a second plan. Craft and handwork. Nothing secondary. No wrong side. Neither in approach, nor in products. We are responsible for every word and action, so we create clothes beyond the system and time.

It was founded in 2006 by Lilia Litkovskaya – designer in fourth generation. All men in her family were tailors and constructors, hence Lili's love to complicated cuts and belief in need of preserving the craft.

This is the dialogue between masculine and feminine. A new wave of romanticism. A nod to Lelouch’s “A Man and a Woman”. A reminder of the sketches of Auguste Rodin, a study on Mona Hatoum’s performances. It’s about naivety and eagerness to find out the new.

In new season designer Lilia Litkovskaya thinks of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

But this is not a straightforward story about ethnic Mexican costume, flowers in hair, or eccentric bright clothes. It's not about surreal paintings or the endless pain that the artist expressed in her works. This is a reflection on the image of Kahlo. On how she showed the strength of her character through wearing feminine silhouettes, on the depth of her views and sense of style.

This is the study of Laura Palmer's nature. This is a tribute to the work of Pre-Raphaelites. Face of Kylie Minogue, hidden by the green water in the Nick Cave's clip. Which, in some moments, is so similar to Laura's.

LL is the urban
democratic line of

Founded in 2013 and showcased in midseasons.
Democratic, with urban vibe, it's our view on basic wardrobe with a touch of LITKOVSKAYA DNA.

Here we combine the textures that we are known for with denim and cotton. We use complicated construction to create simple forms. We take the basics and turn it into something special and deeply personal.

The heart of collection are jeans and trenches. We use reversed denim - as a nod to grunge aesthetics, and as something that largely dictates the shape and cut of the collection. "All pieces of recycled denim are built on the basis of the cut of existing jeans. So we play with constructivism, we look for our volume, and we do it in the material that creates it's own mood," says Lilia.
The idea of collection came from 00's when reversed garments were on top of fashion. We created reversed jeans, skirts and deconstructed bombers, along with statement LITKOVSKAYA 'coffer' trenches.
Statement collection of T-shirts for the ones who want to share their love.